About us

Our mission.

As a European brand, we guarantee the entire chain so that you can enjoy your Spa in your own garden without any worries. Allseas takes care of the entire value chain; Development and production of all our own Spas and Swim Spas in the State of the Art factory;

Excellent value for money. We have an extensive assortment that ranges from a comfortable, simple / cheap spa to the most luxurious design Spas and Swim Spas.

Careful and solid support and advice on your purchase through representation throughout Europe by professional dealers and partners.

Full technical support and service.

Continuous and innovative development in the field of energy saving.

A strong international network of dealers with our logistic support that guarantees fast deliveries. Our Allseas brand value.

We are a vertically integrated and fully bankable supplier of Spas and Swim Spas with strong international market access. We aim to lead the European market for the production of Spa and Swim Spa  with our advanced technology and strong product quality. We are a future-proof, passionate and trusted partner for our investors, dealers, installers and end users. 


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